Do Your Trees Look Wild or Wonderful?

You may need trimming and pruning service

You may think your trees and shrubs are healthy, but if you aren't getting routine trimming and pruning services, they may be struggling to stay alive. Dead and dying branches can weigh trees and bushes down while taking away precious nutrients from healthy limbs. Luckily, Finishing Touch Landscape & Design can handle your tree trimming job. We have extensive knowledge of trees and know how to best trim and prune different species.

It's time to take better care of your trees and shrubs. Make a tree trimming appointment with Finishing Touch Landscape & Design today.

Your yard may be a little rough around the edges

Do you want to take your yard from a wild forest to a well-managed garden? Tree and hedge trimming can make all the difference. Our team will keep your hedges, shrubs and trees looking neat and clean. We can also provide plant separation to promote better growth. Once we're finished, we'll handle all the cleanup and composting.

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